RAMC, Khangma

RAMC, Khangma

The Reginonal Agriculture Machinery Centre (RAMC) Khangma maintains adequite facilities to provide farm mechanization services to six eastern Dzongkhag.

  • Training:

With decentrilization of the basic training activites, the regional centre are mandated to provide training to farmers, school dropouts, students, and technical training institutes students free of cost with minimal allowances provided by RGoB. Taining on operation, meaitenance of farm machines and farming technologies are provided on a regular basis. Also, the centre provide specilized farm mechanization training on the request basis.

  • Demonstration programs:

Demonstration of new technology and promotion of farm mechnanization activites are regularly carried out based on the crop production priorities. Other centrally executed activities : The centre also facilitates, development of safe and quality standards, research and developmental activites plan by the AMC Paro. Further, the centres not only support the developmental activites of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests but also other ministries and NGOs activites through colloberative plans to the six eastern dzongkahgs.