Posted on:20 Feb 2017

Agriculture Machinery Centre commenced a two days technical committe meeting on Februaray 16 and 17 in Paro. All Technical incharges, diploma holders and concerned staff are the members of the commitee. It was chaired by Farm Mechanization Specialist who is the chairman . This commitee was instituted to discuss on the objectives and the implementation plans for all major activities and endorsed for implementation by the management. 

The approach was highly appreciated by all staff as this berings in the team work and also making the mandates and objectives very clear for execution. In the first ever meeting, the following were discussed

a. Technical Training Institutes' trainees training.... endorsed

b. The standard procedure for conducting tests and issuance of test certificate.... endorsment deferred for next meeting

c. The implementation strategy for the Standards and certification of farm technologies... endorsement deferred for next meeting

d. The need assessment survey for 12th FYP...endorsement deferred for next meeting

e. The 12th FYP frame work...endrosement deferred for next meeting

f. High school training under School Agriculture Programme... endorsement deferred

All the deferred agenda shall requirment the clarifications and details to be submitted in the next meeting for endorsement.