Posted on:02 Jan 2017

On December 29, 2016, the Agriculture Machinery Centre family organized a small gathering to appreciate the work done by the Chief Advisor of AMC technical JICA project, SFaMP-II who will be stopping his work from december 31, 2016. Dr Takahashi who had been in AMC for almost 2 years had greatly contributed in bring a sea change in the standards and testing code setting for farm machinery. Already the power tiller standards had passed through TC committe of Bhutan National Standards and other two standards rice mill and reaper are in delibrations. A few more like corn flake, mini power tiller and oil expeller are in AMC committe level delebration. He had set the foundation and hereafter its in the hand of AMC to take forward this very important assignment. Chief Engineer representing the Department of Agriculture, the chief representative officer, JICA office, PD NPHC, BSB representive officer, japanese experts and volunteers working within Paro and AMC family joined for the dinner.

We wish him all the best for his health and future endeavours. We thank him for the tremendous knowledge and skills shared to bring improved professionism in inspection and quality contro sections and AMC.