Posted on:25 Jan 2019

Regional Agriculture Machinery Centre, Paro is conducting 5 day power tiller refresher and testing programme at Samthang, Wangdue Dzongkhag. There are more than 150 farmers attending it. This programme which has RSTA and Traffic personals also imparting on the Traffic rules greatly benefits the farmers in not having to separately attend such sessions to avail driving license. AMC after the basic maintenance training will conducts the driving test based on the standards and issues certificate to those who pass the test. This certificate is endorsed by traffic and RSTA and driving license can be obtained immediately from RSTA offices. On 2nd day the quality team advocated participants on importance of introducing certified, efficient & safe agriculture machines in country.
The huge turnout indicates the importance and also the interest in farm mechanization and the reach of it in all Dzongkhags