Posted on:28 Aug 2018

The Agriculture Machinery Centre under Department of Agriculture is mandated to ensure safe and efficient farm machinery use in the country.

As per the discussion and amendment in 82nd RNR-GNH Committee held on 16th April 2017 any promotion with regards to labour saving farming technology by any agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, AMC is to be informed and involved.

The Standards and Test Codes of farm machines are being continuously formulated and are endorsed at two levels, as a National Standard (Bhutan Standard Bureau) and Ministry level Standard (MoAF). Following this AMC has now active participation of the private sector enterprises by conforming the specifications and safety features of the machines and equipment being imported, to the set standards.

It would be more valid and stronger exemplary to have the agencies under the RNR sector also to follow the already set farm mechanization guidelines and standards. AMC’s involvement will enable them to improve the farm machinery database at AMC and help them to preempt the required support services within their mandates.

Therefore, we invite all public and private firms dealing with sale of farm machineries and implements either made within or imported, plan out the interventions in consultation with the AMC.

For information and enquires, kindly contact Mr. Kinga Norbu, Programme Director, AMC,

E-mail:-, 08-270007/17273990 and Mr. Sangay Lhendup, Principal Engineer, 08-272283/17609874, e-mail at