Posted on:03 Jul 2018

Mammoth cost reduction objective through direct seeding technology using drum seeders is paving ways in the cultivation method of farmers in southern dzongkhags. Samteling office of AMC had been working for the past two years to improve the technology and now the expansion programme is happening in Sarpang, Wangdiphodrang and Dagana Dzongkhags respectively.
In the initial years, different models of drum seeders were imported to find the better designed dropping mechanism drum seeders and finally succeeded with the one which is seen in the picture. It was evaluated in the research fields to fine tune the issues related with the use of the equipment and requirements of the fields for its use too.
As of today AMC had procured 46 numbers of drum seeders with RGoB and project funds. The promotion in farmers' fields are in full-swing as of today.
This technology shall bring immense cost benefit to the farmers as then they do not have to practice nursery raising and transplantation operations as done now. Also the weeding operation becomes very convenient with the line planting placings.
The office shall intensively promote this technology for mass use in the southern Bhutan because of climatic suitability. However trials shall also be done in Paro for its viability for temperate conditions.