Posted on:03 Jul 2018

The first training of the first financial year in 12th FYP for AMC started with the Farm Machinery Technical Training for students from two Technical Training Institutes. Twenty five students from TTI Dekiling and Chumey respectively are participating in the 2 months technical training in AMC, Paro. During the training period, they shall be imparted skills in design and fabrication of farm machinery implements, operation of power tiller and repair of power tiller. They will also be informed on the Priority Sector lending initiative for availing loans and leasing government land to establish rural enterprises and workshops in farm mechanization by inviting guests from Dzongkhag administrations and financial institutions. FMCL shall also be invited to discuss on areas of opportunities in farming backup services establishment and partnership development for the youth. 
AMC aims to link the training with direct opportunities ahead to establish enterprises in farm mechanization services and thus benefit the farming community back in villages.
The training was started today i:e July 2, 2018 with this broader objective introduction by the Programme Director of AMC.