Posted on:03 Apr 2018

Agriculture Machinery Centre displayed its 11th plan activities updates through poster presentation to more than 30 participants which included Director, division chiefs, programme directors from central agencies and researchers  within the Department of Agriculture at Limithang,Mongar on Febraury 13, 2018. There were 18 posters which included research technologies which were already released and activities which were to be released of the 11th FYP. The activities included research technologies and standards which were started and completed by SfaMP-II , supported by JICA . The activties display was over whemlingly received by the participants and such methods shall be inculcated from next year during the Departmental Technical coordination meeting (TCM)  which now shall be held annually.

Based on clearer mandates of AMC and also through the adoption of standard operating procedures for technology sharing, AMC hereafter shall be sharing first to the Departmental TCM and then organize  the same such event to public and private enterprises to initiate the use of approved technologies for the benefit of the end users in the country. On behalf of JICA Expert team, Mr Oshii , the chief  advisor for SFaMP-II also joined for the event.