Posted on:12 Dec 2017

The Agriculture Machinery Center has inbuilt with SFaMP-II project that supports under three output under AMC and one output in FMCL.  Agriculture Machinery Certification sections, under AMC covers output 1 & 2 were development of standard and test codes and testing are supported. The out put three is the Agriculture Machinery Research Section were the need of technology of farmers are considered and the development of prototype machines and outreaching to the farmers are carried out, further making the rural life livelihood. The out put four covers the area of mechanization under FMCL at piloted area (Paro and Samtenling, Gelephu), it is targeted towards the achievement of acreage through hiring of farm machines. 

The project was actually for the term of three years, however based on the need of both the organization it has been extended to one more year. The activities under the project is under full swing and in completiong phase based on plan in Project Design Matrix. presently, the project is filled in with project coordination work group which covers in executing coordination of project activities.

The Project Management Unit Meeting was held on 4th December, 2017 in AMC conference hall with the participants of all component manager and relevant staffs. The main objective of meeting was to analyse the progress of each activity reported by all component managers. Based on the report submitted, all component managers are to submit with the each activity detail schedule for the completion of the particular activity. The PMU meeting will be held every month to monitor and evaluate the progress of the each activity. The next PMU meeting will be held on 4th January, 2018.