Vision and Mission

Farming will be transformed into cost effective, economically efficient, more rewarding, and low drudgery enterprise by enhancing farm mechanization. Mechanization will cover wide range of options starting from production to value adding processes in agriculture. Mechanization will be promoted in order to alleviate farm labor shortages, to enhance the efficiency of farming and promote private sector dealing in area where economic and social viability exist.

These could be achieved through the following objectives:-

  • Creation and innovation of indigenous farming tools suitable to Bhutanese farms.
  • Promotion of improved agriculture technology.
  • Effective and efficient distribution of agriculture equipment to the farmers.
  • Capacity development of the farmers in the use of improved technologies and farming practice
  • Acts as regulatory body for quality and safety. 
  • The Regional Centers maintains adequate facilities to provide services such as after sales services. These centers also engage in promotional programs and facilitate research and development support to the AMC.