Vision and Mission


Centre for environmentally friendly, safe and quality farm mechanization technology source and usage.

The organization shall spear head to achieve above vision in the country under the guidance of the Department of Agriculture. It shall be a source for improved, environmentally friendly, safe and quality farm mechanization technologies.

The scope of the activities will include technologies related to agriculture, livestock and forestry. Improved farm mechanization technologies shall mean identification of technology needs, exploration for available technologies both within and outside the country, development, evaluation, adaptation and collaborative performance assessment with the end users.


The mission of the organization is as follows

1.      To provide farm mechanization policy guidance

2.      To develop and make available appropriate farm mechanization technologies based on needs, region and time.

3.      Continue to upgrade the technical capacities of end users as well as the promoters

4.      To ensure standard (safe & quality) farm mechanization services to industry and society.

5.      To support the time bound projects on farm mechanization through the Department of Agriculture.

6.      To provide the technical guidance to hiring services rates for FMCL